Music Review//Great Mountain Fire - Crooked Head.

Apparently Great Mountain Fire are influenced by The Beatles, fun and games and Vietnamese beef soup. Considering there's a fair few years of existence between those three influences that's a pretty broad palette. So it's no surprise to find their single Crooked Head is a timeless broth (let's not forget the beef!) of carefully honed melodies and chord patterns that seem very eager to break out into a full on fight with the listeners sensibilities. 

But ever the gentleman, it resists the urges to attack and the restraint is impressive as the chord changes draw you into the melodic fun and games. As for the Beatles reference, there's a definite stomp to the beat reminiscent of early work from the Liverpool quartet but it's imbued with a modern glee that entirely masks the fact that this great band are from the not often associated with music Belgium. Time to push aside the chocolate then and welcome something even better - music! At two and a half minutes Crooked Head has all the divine thrill of the famed treat and a much longer life following initial digestion. This may well be your soon to be favorite band! 

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan.

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