Music Review//Neon Indian - Errata Annex

Someone once said that music makes the world go round and in that spirit we enter the world of neon Indian for their recently released Errata Annex E.P...

Inspired by the sounds experienced over a year of going out on the road promoting album Era Extraña, this cleverly titled remix ep certainly takes the listener on a journey of sorts. As a digital only release it's perhaps a shame that there won't be a wax copy as the sounds found here are some of the warmest we've experienced in a while. 

The songs are bathed in a warm glow that thrills as much as it inspires images of futuristic skyscape's in the minds eye. A prime example of this power is the Patten Remix of Heart Release that melds midnight soaked synths with invigorating bass effects to produce what would be a perfectly mellow coda to any evening. Elsewhere Twin Shadow's Remix of Hex Girlfriend melts thundering beats and strings together to make a short but honeyed slice of chill out perfection. 

Another noteworthy entry from the remix skills of Boyd Rice is a doom laden version of Halogen that brings together creepily muffled vocals and thumping drum tracks to produce a film score like mix that truly sticks to the brain. Coming in at just five tracks this remix ep is certainly a sonically striking experience yet it's emotional resonance surely demands a 12" to bring these haunting melodies to true life! 

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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