Music Review//The Traps - The Honey Drip

As I sat eating my breakfast this morning I found myself compelled to switch on the computer to check my mail in that semi-expectant “What will I get today?” way that Magazine Editors do and when I did I was pleasantly surprised to find this from Birmingham's The Traps in my inbox.

The Traps last single impressed and The Honey Drip is no different. Taking a soul rock inspired template that serves the band well elements of buzzing electronic psychedelia are also thrown into the mix to good effect. As a single track this stands up perfectly in its own right and that’s no bad thing.

The digital age creates an arguably positive need to get bands to grab the ears by the lobes from the first note and on that basic The Honey Drip does that perfectly. The melodies are simple yet effective, with tinkles of vaguely sunshine like keyboard and a steady drum rhythm keeping you interested all the way.

When the buzzy electronics of the interlude come around you’re ready for the change of pace and even though the song is but a smidgen over the three minutes mark it never makes you imagine it could have been longer or needed that much quoted je ne sais quoi. Three minute alt-rock hybrid songs are notoriously ubiquitous but rarely are they satisfying like The Honey Drip. In fact, the greatness is confirmed by the title – melodic honey slowly dripped over sonic template that combines to make a song you can listen to over and over and never get bored.

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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