Music Video//Kacey Musgraves - Blowin' Smoke

It's not often we agree with Katy Perry but for our part we really recommend a listen to Kacey Musgraves latest song Blowin' Smoke. The aforementioned Ms Perry can be counted as one of her celebrity fans and when you look beyond the Hollywood smokescreen that so often surrounds perceptions of the United States - there is some excellent music to be found! The video features Musgraves in the role of a waitress in a diner bored with her life, blowin' the titular smoke with her fellow workers as their daily vows to move on get further away from fruition. Watch below:

With a distinct of modern country to the sound  and an even more country sourced theme of being stuck in a situation from which extrication in unlikely despite yourself this is an initially polarizing listen. Once you get past the inevitable comparisons with other country cross-over artist and the overt radio friendly nature of the music you find a dark heart that avoids the cliched bitchiness of some modern country and gets straight to the heart of the issue with an honesty that makes you smile. Witness the inherent humour of the parent albums title Same Trailer Different Park and you get an excellent lesson in never judging the songwriter by the genre! 

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