TV Focus//The Fall - Episode Three

Warning! May Contain Spoilers – Do Not Read Unless You Have Seen Previous Episodes!

Starring: Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan

The story so far: Grief Councillor Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) is on a killing spree. But whilst he hides behind a family life Stella Gibson is sent to Belfast to review the investigations of local murders and soon becomes leader of an investigation into his crimes…

“They are not victims of chance. They are victims of choice…”

Watching The Fall these past few weeks has been something of a revelation for this reviewer. Whilst we cover only select television content on the Zine, The Fall has changed our viewing habits somewhat. We’ve always loved the shadows and vagary of the Nordic Noir dramas that clearly inspired the tone of this show and it’s precisely that cold, clinically unemotive darkness that has kept us glued to the screen no matter how twisted things have become.

“He’s making his own pornography…”

The killer (Jamie Dornan) this week is getting itchy for the next conquest and as such he’s soon discovered a lair nearby the in-laws where he can be alone in his fantasies. There’s a scene towards the end where he poses a female mannequin, dressing it up as his fantasies dictate in a manner close to the creepy and it’s a performance that impresses in its subtleties. The quiet frustration on Dornan’s unmoving, tension fraught face is the key to the effectiveness of these scenes and it’s in noticeable contrast to Stella’s cold response to the revealing of her one night stand with the recently assassinated policeman James Olson who spent a few hours in her room hours before he was shot.

“James Olson was a married man, Stella.”
“That’s his business…”

The conversations with the male police officers about the night in question are quietly amusing with the carefully built up tension threatening to be broken by the humour of asking if he seems “ok” during the time they were together. (Answers on a postcard people…) This is also evident in the production meeting like exchange on the way to the press conference where they discuss the name of the Operation – eventually revealed to the somewhat ironically titled Operation Musicman. (The eager eared will have noticed the killers love of music in episode two as he watched the baby sitter play her songs on line. Speaking of which – what happened to her? Last we saw she was inviting him to kiss her wound better last week after he pinned her to the floor…)

As this is the middle way we see the seeds of the final episodes being sewn as the killer watches the press conference coverage on television in the darkness of his home. His silent fixating on Stella suggests to us that she’ll need that gun next week. Any bets on the cliff hanger for part four involving the killer and Stella meeting for the first time?
But first we’ll have to try and avoid thinking about that ‘man in the mirror’ scene that concluded this episode. Next victim ahoy!

Best Line: “Detail, detail and detail again.”

The new Killing?: Getting there…

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan.

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