One of the unique aspects of your music is that it’s essentially faceless in that we have only the music to judge it by. Is there a certain liberty to releasing music anonymously?

We’re not the first act to ‘hide’ behind our image but it’s always been our intention to try and be as different as possible. We hate the idea of being generic and clich├ęd; what’s the point in that?  It’s pretty cool that all of our reviews have concentrated heavily on the music as opposed to anything else and I guess being anonymous has contributed to why that is.

Was it always the intention to release the music anonymously?

The first time I saw JC Lamond’s sketches and paintings (Colour Of Bone Illustrator) I thought to myself, “I want our music to sound how his artwork looks”.  Our anonymity has grown out of that.

The recent single release Low Mode is the first hint of your sound. What can we expect from the eventual album?

It’s a heavy pop album. We love pop music. Back in the 60’s the best bands made pop albums which were bang after bang of short songs bursting verse/chorus/verse/chorus/solo/chorus/chorus. No pretence. That is Colour Of Bone’s ethos; to be loud, melodic and onto the next song. But then we also have alternative influences that veer us in different directions at times. You’ll hear them in our next single, ITCH, which is released on July 15th. The video will be online from June 3rd.

Certainly the imagery of the video for Low Mode is memorable. What are the roots of the song and are they reflected in the very impressive video?

I guess it’s a love song? In a way.  It could also be an anti-love song though as a lot of the verses are about not getting along with people. It’s up to you…. Rock.Paper.Film wanted to take JC Lamond’s illustrations and highlight that ambiguity. Worked out pretty cool.

Can you reveal three interesting facts about the entity that is Colour of Bone or will you have to kill us afterwards?

Lupar Drumwell – Europe’s best drummer.
Coffee machines.
The less microphones the better.

Many bands have got past the anonymity factor in the live setting. How will you get the crowds to your gig?

We can’t wait to play live. The more we’re talked about and played on the air, the better our shows will be. Failing that, we’ll do a ‘Buy 1 Get 40 Free’ ticket offer.

If you could be imagined to be anybody by listeners who would it be?

We were described by BBC6 Music as sounding “like God’s balls colliding”. I’d like to think that when people are listening to us, they’re imagining two fictional moon-sized testicles sumo-wrestling.

Finally, what is the best thing about a musician?

We get free pens.

Interview by Sebastian Gahan. 

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