Album Review//LO TIDE – Out in the Wild

Imagine a scene of water lapping up against a calm shore. The sun is shining like never before but its heat is comforting rather than prickly. There’s a breeze blowing around you and on your digital device you’ve got some extra cool music for the occasion.

That music could be Lo Tide’s latest album Out in the Wild if you were in the right place at the right time. The Tasmania based artist has their latest record out now for willing ears and if you’re a fan of the kind of chilled out beats that make an evening with something (and/or someone) chilled down the local scene perfect than there is much to enjoy on Out in the Wild.

More suited to the calm of an evening than the rush of the daytime work pattern we’d recommend putting this record on when darkness is likely to fall and the sunset is nigh. So often chill out music can lack those essential qualities of anthemic energy and stick in your brain catchiness but just because a song works well in the foreground doesn’t mean it’s always a winner in the background.

Out in the wild is perfect corner of the eye music, composed with enough attention to detail that it doesn’t seem throwaway or designed for elevators and produced in such a way that its beauty can’t escape you. Very often there are guests on the tracks but the way they are used is not always what you’d expect. Ethereal voices can also a vocal make and that ethos is used to great effect here.

The songs merge together well and whilst it be a bad thing to say of other genres that the songs mix together into a seamless flow on a dance record that’s a complement. But it’s never the case that the listener feels as if the same beat is playing or repetition sends you into boredom – there is a sensitivity here that ensures the music flows in such a way as to seduce you with its quiet grace.

And if you’re still imagining yourself in the tropical paradise we envisaged at the beginning of this review then go right ahead and explore – you’ve got the perfect soundtrack!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan.

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