MixTape//August 2013 - Mind The Gap

We were recently on The Tube when we started to think about how iconic the Mind The Gap markings on every platform are. It poses so many questions and warns of many dangers. 

What is ‘The Gap’? Why is the gap actually there? Yes – you could if you were very inconsiderate of your own safety fall between the gap and end up in any place you imagine. You could be in the land of beyond – where age, physicality and money make no difference. Or – you could learn from your fall into the metaphorical gap. Make some changes to your life, quit that habit you hate yourself so much for pursuing each day.

This MixTape takes the very loose theme of minding the gap – but considers what could be the actions of avoiding the gap when it may benefit you in a million unknown ways?

Enjoy listening and if you’d like to create a MixTape - get in contact!


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