MixTape// Halloween 2013 - Fright Beats

The time of year is upon us again, Halloween is taking over our streets as I type not as a stream of finely streaked blood but as a commercial invasion of cheaply made masks and novelty chocolates. But do you ever wonder what Halloween really means? Is there any trace of it left? Perhaps the horror film marathon watching contingency amongst us have it right – scared is the best way to be as we realise just how those no longer with us lived and influenced us in the smallest of ways…

This MixTape looks to the darker side of life, with a non contemporary, mostly ear warming vibe to make the time pass by much more pleasurably. It was made not with a view to defining terror or horror but as a companion to fear or terror in whatever form they many manifest themselves to you. Perhaps it’s a sound track to a snuff movie or perhaps a soundtrack to the sorrows of life? Just slip the headphones on and submerge yourself in this sonic statement. After all, there is always someone worse off… or so they say.

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