New Sounds// Jon Byrne – Don’t Let Life Get You Down/ Forever Chasing That Feeling

Jon Byrne is known for many things – amongst them his music. But more than that, his excellent turn of phrase is notable by itself...

This new double A side from the man himself feature both of those elements. The music as ever, is subtle and original and the song writing is as ever laced with humor and dry whiskey. Don’t Let Life Get You Down is a straight ahead Byrne tradition. The message is simple, whatever the problem, especially if you’re ‘a lunatic in paradise’ and it doesn’t any more explanation other than the song title.

Companion song Forever Chasing That Feeling is to our mind the better of the duo – with a whiskey stained window opening onto a journey. Byrne says he wants to dance in the streets like royalty and feel his eyes roll about and it’s an intoxicating message. We’re pretty sure that Byrne could well do that having seen him on stage and still play his guitar comfortably and this duo of songs confirms that Byrne is a songwriter who knows his muse well.

Check it out all – and then hit the streets!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan.

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