Catch Up // Borgen Series 3, Episodes 7 and 8


Episode 7 “The Fall” / Episode 8 “If You Never Change Your Mind”

After the whirlwind of action that characterized last week’s episodes we find a slight change of pace here. We may be approaching the unthinkable (but very real) end of the series but said pace is not to any bad end. 

Following the revelations of previous weeks concerning all the key words we covered last week, including the two that figure most prominently in this double bill (again hash tagged) #health and #sex , we see worlds crumble and new hope rise from the ashes of failure.

Birgitte is now undergoing radiation therapy when she’s not busy in the New Democrat HQ and despite her efforts to carry on as normal it’s soon painfully obvious something is amiss. A disastrous appearance on TV1 shows a Birgitte we’re not used to seeing. That is, on the spot, without a convincingly clear statement and mocked. She may try to rationalise it to Katrine, herself now settling in somewhat difficultly into her Press Officer role, but it’s not a pretty sight.

Within the walls of the ever more tense TV1 news team’s studios things are no better. Torben is looking ever more distressed, his affair with Pia now creating far too much tension than is ever comfortable. Borgen may be known for its clear cut logic but there’s nowhere to turn here as Torben is forced to reveal his sexploits to his wife, and Pia’s soon reversed transfer to Documentaries causing much animosity with the team.

The ever reliable Hanne Holm says it best when she criticises Torben on more than one occasion with words that imply his integrity as Editor is seriously in tatters. Perhaps it is – but he himself is in emotional tatters by the time episode eight concludes, bursting into quite stunning tears and whimpering like truly hurt person after the rebuke from the very punch-in-the-faceable Controller Alex concerning his affair with Pia. But the key question remains as to whether Torben is actually now likable considering how this arc seems somewhat forced; the answer – not likable, but his actions thus far don’t say much about his home life.

Birgitte’s temporary lapse from greatness is perhaps less effective by comparison as we know she will bounce back stronger than before and refreshed. She does – and it’s a relief for the viewer as she deals with the leak of her illness to the tabloid press and leaks from the New Democrats camp from the somewhat unlikely source of Nete. But far more important than the leak is the return of the much enjoyed fresh air of über economist Søren Ravn who will hopefully continue to brighten up the New Democrats campaign room with his presence next week as well.

Overall this double bill tells a lot of story – but will it all pay off for the FINAL episodes? We hope so – but only time will tell…

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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