New Sounds // Colour of Bone – Ashtrays for Earrings

You may the name Colour of Bone already – that would be because we’ve said very positive things about this mysterious character previously on #srcz. With music and visuals that impress quickly you wonder where the face behind the madness is. But does it really matter? Music doesn’t need a face when it can attack you through the ear hole…

The most recent single from the mystery player takes a few influences and merges them together. Beginning on a melodic, rock vein with some passing nods to heavier incarnations of The Cranberries in its melodic structure you wonder where the song has gone as this first portion fades suddenly – into a killer riff!

Said riff is nothing in the vein of overly bombastic over-progging it’s a riff that energises the song no end. A quick, funky stab of musical thunder before the next chapter slips into view. That chapter is an ambient, subtly rock infused take on the song and when it fades into nowhere, like the magic sunset that never was, it’s not forgotten…

What little we know of Colour of Bone doesn’t really matter too much. The truth is, the music does all the talking more than adequately!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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