#threshold14 // ROBOTS WE LOVE: Kryten:

Who is he?

Portrayed by Robert Llewellyn in Red Dwarf, Kryten is a Series 4000 Service Mechanoid extraordinaire. After a small appearance in the show’s second series, the character came back full time in the third and has remained just as domesticated, witty and smug ever since.

What does he do?

With his personality settings gradually changed over the series, he becomes ever more humanoid. Prone to extreme acts of domestic work, handy with a psyscanner and fully knowledgeable of Space Corps Directives, Kryten is multi-tasking universal must have companion.

Where would he be at the Festival?

With so many robots about, we’re sure Kryten would be fuming over their seeming captivity and frowning over how much mess the humans are making in the name of art. But, once he knew what was actually going on we’re sure he’d be in Unit 51 enjoying the lovely recipes and music on offer.

Kryten says:

“Sir, are you really saying you would rather have a psychopathic mechanical killer rip off your skull and play your frontal lobes like a xylophone than have another bowl of my nourishing space nettle soup?” 

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