#threshold14 // Robots We Love: Robby, the Robot.

Who is he?

A member of the Robot Hall of Fame, Robby is more than just a robot. He’s a cultural icon!

What does he do?

A robot as iconic as Robby doesn’t have to do much, but over the decades he’s made many appearances on the screen. (Both silver and television!) He follows the famed three Laws of Robotics from Asimov and has appeared many more times than just his debut in Forbidden Planet. With appearances in shows as diverse as The Addams Family, The Man from U.N.C.L.E and many more he’s a true robot star. (He even appears on the festival website – see if you can spot him!)

Where would he be at the festival?

Ever the adventurous type, he’d be looking out for robots everywhere and setting the tone of the festival. In between, he’d no doubt be helping out The Lemon Collective in their underwater world at the Lantern Theatre…

His favorite thing at the festival?

Without a doubt, he’d be getting down to Paddy Steer’s The Part Time Helocentric After School Drama Club (Saturn. Lancashire Division).

Robby, the Robot says:

Quiet please. I am analyzing.” (Forbidden Planet, 1956)

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