#threshold14 // Robyn Woolston - House of Sound

2012 Liverpool Art Prize winner Robyn Woolston returns to Threshold with House of Sound, her most immediately moving piece yet. 

Robyn was gifted a library of 1,000 analogue cassette tapes by an anonymous donor and has created an art installation that's as arresting and intimate as its surroundings in 90 Squared's exhibition space. Robyn says she chose the location because of the climb up the castle-like stairs and the space itself. When I asked about the difference between this exhibition and her more large-scale installations, Robyn told me

“It's funny, I love the really big spaces, but the smaller a space can be, the more intimate your conversation is with the work.”

And House of Sound is beautifully intimate.  It tells the story of human life and a human life through the collection of cases.   A smaller and less immediate offshoot of the gorgeous, bright, rainbow-hued central piece dedicated to the anonymous donor.

This installation will tell its own tale to each and every person who views it as it takes its very deserved place at the heart of this year's Threshold FUTURE | VISIONS celebration of art.

(Andrea McGuire) Image by Scattershot Phottography. 

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