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Nicely tucked away on St James Street as you enter the Baltic Triangle from China Town is Siren. With a light bathed, spacious vibe and an excellent view of the outside world from its high window’s it’s the perfect place to while away a few hours over a rather nice coffee. Having been a venue previously in 2013, it will be a pleasure to welcome them back with a visit for some cool music and a coffee during the festival. Over a coffee, we spoke to co-owner Natalie...

What is Siren?

We are a café, bar and event space. We’ve been running just under a year now. (The venue) is run by myself, Cathy and Jenny. We’ve all known each other since school. Through the week we’re more of a coffee shop, office lunch type of place with lots of locals coming down. Then on the weekend, we’re still a café but we have our own events, such as the craft workshops, book clubs… We’ve had some events on with WoW (Writing On The Wall) Plus some private parties, including charity events, launch nights and more. A mixture of things really!

What will your role be at Threshold?

I think our venue is quite different to others in the area. A calming, tranquil space that, depending on what acts we have here, suits more acoustic, chilled out music. Also food! We’ll have very nice menu, everything made from scratch. Some nice hearty food and some vegetarian options as well. That’ll be us!

The Threshold experience is different. What do you think makes it different?

Well, it seems real. It’s not just about the marketing and the PR. It seems to be focused on the people who love music, who love this part of town. There’s a nice community spirit to how the event is run. They’ve kept a lot of integrity from the beginning as well. We’re a small business so it’s nice that a lot of the small venues will be involved in it.

Why should people come to Siren?

The food and the venue!

Do you have any plans for the future you can reveal?

Well, we want to have more events on. We’ve done the odd event, you know, bits of things so we want to continue that. After Threshold, we want to try and have some more musical events, more craft workshops of an afternoon and evening. More things going on basically!

The Schedule: 

 FridayThreshold presents Beans on Toast
 She Drew The Gun, Paul Tarpey, Tom Kwei, KZM
The Gaffney Collective, Richard Francis, Mr. Wolf Collective
Hosted by Jamie Broad
Saturday: Threshold presents Triphazard
The Borgias, Mervin Gersh, Rangoon Sons, Edge of Eden, Nightflies, Arkham Karvers
Pyro, Duncan Ewart and Michael Bennett
Acoustic Sunday @ Threshold
Robert J Hunter, Barney Soanes, Katie McLoughlin, The Big I Am, Sam Cooper

Hedge Gods, Karl McCann, Dougie Crosbie  and Just By Chance

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