Music Review // Courtney Love – You Know My Name/ Wedding Day

Courtney Love is an artist known for many things. Fortunately, being quiet is not one of them. On this double A side we see the snarling vocals and pointed lyrics return with a vengeance that is delightful to have pitched down your headphones. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there should be much more music coming from Courtney Love.

There is enough raw energy bouncing about in this double a side single to make you wish for more almost instantly and as ever the topic is resolutely Courtney Love centric. An artist as resolutely fascinating as Love can get away with this easily and on You Know My Name she screams and vocal-graffities all over the ether like no one else. With a reassuringly thumping setting and that truly unique rock and roll scream she instantly recalls just why there is only one Courtney Love.

An excellent beginning is followed by the pounding ode to being dumped Wedding Day, a very Love-esque Dear John that really should be re-classed as a thumping fuck off to the person brave enough to fuck with the woman who has survived much more than this. The assertion that she will rise and rise again is not one you could easily disagree with and thus a long awaited return to music is made.

Sure, there will be haters but on sheer nerve and resilience alone, Courtney Love already has the ears of many. Now bring on the album!

(Sebastian Gahan) 

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