#SRCZ Music Review // A Life Unlike Yours – Ali Ingle

An E.P. from Ali Ingle is always a treat. His last two have impressed and the same is expected of A Life Unlike Yours. Even before listening, our reliable sources hinted at something life affirming. As the singer says on the release, everyone’s a fool for the unknown...

The unknown is nothing to be sneezed at though, it has to be said. Just as mystery makes life more interesting, so does a cushion embroidered with the titular EP make for a mysterious entré to the world of Ali Ingle. On lead single The Locker, Ingle tells us just what he isn’t, (a go to someone, selfish woman and any number of things as the lyrics have it) but on A Life Unlike Yours he tells us what he is.

Over four tracks of folktronica infused vignettes that feel like fuzzy snapshots from a grainy but still very relevant old movie, the storytelling quality of his music shoes through perfectly. By the time closer I Won’t Be There comes it feels like a very personal journey indeed. There are some choice moments along the way, opener A Life Unlike Yours bobs along in the most bittersweet but distinctly listenable manner while Yours Alone slows the pace to the poetic but perfectly sparse .

The aforementioned The Locker is a highlight, packing a lyrical punch that doesn’t quite hit you, more wag it’s finger at your pointedly until you decide to take the metaphorical advice of the chorus to clean out your locker. Following his excellent previous releases 
The Man & The Monster and Magic in the Mundane with even more excellence is, as saying goes, the best way.

Oh, and maybe we’ll finally get an answer as to whether Robots Dream of Christmas as well? Whatever the outcome, this E.P. is as good an answer an any!

(S. Gahan) 

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