Album Flashback #25 //Soil & "Pimp" Sessions - Pimpoint

Soil & "Pimp" Sessions have been creating music to blow your mind for just over a decade now and with each album they impress even more. The fact this is Jazz makes no matter for the bands genre is Death Jazz and if we could die listening to anything, this is it.

When was the last time you met a pimp? Lets just say that we're not into that sort of activity. But if anybody else out there has had cause to encounter a pimp recently, you probably weren't too impressed. See, the genuine pimp is just too sleazy to be associated with, and ignorance is probably the way forward when it comes to them. But, this bunch of pimps are definitely something good, even if they aren't exactly pimps per se.

Pimpoint is an example of the moments when Japan copies something and makes it better or puts a brilliant spin on it. As with every release from the band it's something special. Why? Well, it hasn't left our stereo for a pimpin' minute since we first listened to it. With the energy and vibrancy of the quintessential modern jazz performance they captivate the ear and make the seemingly haphazard and scattered arrangements of their songs sound brilliant. Truth is, although the arrangements are seemingly scatter shot, everything is where it should be and their genius shows through like the moon over Odaiba. 

On tracks such as the simple yet terrifyingly effective A.I.E. and the raucous beginnings and melodic end of  Slaughter Suite plus the titular funk of Funky Goldman the band play the kind of music that could soundtrack a night out in Tokyo very easily and probably does. 

With lots to enjoy over the specially prepared and presented beverage of your choice this is an album not just to sit down to but to get on up to as you would to your funkiest choice cuts. 

Forget the cliched preconceptions of jazz or Japanese music! Open up your mind and listen to the cool and brain tapping brilliance that is found on Pimpoint. 

(C. Agent)  

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