#SRCZ Music Review // Jim Pearson – Right Now Is The Moment That We Are Alive

It’s getting to that time of year when we stay indoors, huddled up in front of a digital box with hot drinks. It’s also the time when we start to consider deeper matters of the soul, propelled perhaps by the ever earlier setting of the sun. This is usually accompanied by song. The latest single from Wirral based singer-songwriter Jim Pearson is the rather good Right Now Is The Moment We Are Alive, perfect for such moments.

Running to just over five minutes and featuring a chorus of collaborators at the end of the sing along closing minutes the track is a simple affair. The message is simple; right now you are alive so enjoy it. The world might be falling apart but when it comes down to it, right now is all we have. It’s a succinct message and it’s delivered in a restrained manner that gradually builds up into a strong message imbued song.

Indeed, the song is very refreshing in its simplicity and for those who are listening closely enough you may spot the voices of just some of the following towards the end: Jo Bywater, The Kirk Owls, Ian Heath, Jeff Roberts, Scott Cryer, Caroline England, Henry Priestman, Phil Chisnall, Russell Cottier and members of The Wallasey Folk and Acoustic Club.
Now, go do something life affirming!


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