Different Sounds // Blue Tapes 15 – Father Murphy : ‘Calvary’

As you’ll know by now we do like cassettes and cassettes are what miniature label Blue Tapes do well. With every release as intriguing as the next, what have they come up with for January? Well, something rather timely. Italian trio Father Murphy have created an eerily fascinating Tone Poem called Calvary that is based around the concept of constructing a cross from wood.

With percussion recorded in Czechoslovakia, banging and metal constructs recorded in a children’s park in Stockholm and other sounds recorded in various locations in America this is truly downward looking project in sonic terms. Put into the live setting we can imagine this may be quite spectacular, it’s point certainly going to hammer home easily.

There is a distinctly dark feeling at work here, almost like venturing down a never ending spiral staircase into an ever darker underground realm. Taking into account their previous release’s requirement to listen to at least two sides of the vinyl simultaneously this is probably the exact intention! But all taken into account, there’s a very deliberate process here.


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