#SRCZ MixTape // Unsigned May 2015

After some time away the #SRCZ MixTape is back! We’ve decided to limit it a little this time by specifying it as an unsigned artist’s submission only. Why? Two reasons! Firstly, as music technology has evolved, the bedroom studio has become ever more a reality. How many great unsigned artists are out there as you listen to this putting together some truly great music that potentially few people will ever hear? The answer is probably a lot! (If you’re one of those people, you need to submit to the next edition of the unsigned mixtape!)

Secondly, we have the addition of the rather excellent Things We Like In Random Order MixTape to enjoy as well, which will showcase more established artists. Listen to it now! (It’s rather cool, we say!) But not before listening to this rather exciting 55 minutes and 30 seconds of music! 

Featured artists include The Kirk Owls, Carina Nebula, Pocket Apocalypse, Karl McCann, Josh Dalgleish, George Kostopoulos, Sophia Ben Yousef, Forthaven, Museum of Backward Hats, Billy Kelly, Jim Pearson, Dubabuse, Tiki Black and Vernon Fuller. 

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