#SRCZ Music Review // No Longer Player – ‘Now Here, Nowhere…’

When we first saw this EP in our inbox we were intrigued to the point of listening. It sounds an obvious statement but listening is the key objective of music in the first place and once we had listened it seemed a review was in order. Do we have to say any more?!

Well, of course we do! The music on ‘Now Here, Nowhere’ has so much going on simultaneously that it’s hard not to wonder just what is happening. Certainly, the title track has much to say, coming from a busy place of tonal guitar, sixties style harmonies and electro-acoustic musings. Just one listen is to find an undeniable melodic talent there’s a unique energy to the song that really hits the listener in the right spot with a barely concealed rebel spirit.

Moving onto next track Berlin and things get simpler, a little. The guitar is thrust forward and the vocals are right there in your melodic subconscious. A note on the artist’s website suggests that the song is ‘born directly from the streets of Berlin’ and it really works. Final track is The Happiest Man in the World, a nineties grunge tinged gem that swaggers along with an even pace and ends the record on a brilliantly positive note. 

Now here, Nowhere is one of those EP’s that you instantly get and with a confident self produced sound, No Longer Player can only get better. The only complaint that could be proffered… More please!

(S. Gahan) 

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