#SRCZ New Music // The Allergies –‘God Walked Down’ (Jalapeno Records)

A man in a hat knocks on your door and begins talking about god; just which god you’re not sure, hence the small case here. As the beginning to a music video it’s an irregular proposition but it heralds a rather cool four minutes from The Allergies, recently signed to dance label Jalapeno records to some eye brow raising from the industry.

But forget the doubters and watch the video for the effortlessly funky, jazz and soul infused beats of new single ‘God Walked Down’ and you’ll see why The Allergies are a winner. 

The video features a snail fetish themed encounter, suitably mysterious as these things always are, and plays in a distinctly art house style atypical to most music videos for this genre. The sound of vintage grooves and powerhouse vocals adds to up to a funkier edge to your traditional breaks and that is very welcome!

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