Tickets Available for Creative Watch Area! Featuring music from Laura&Claire / John Chatterton/ Alias John Doe & Blackthorn Root

New music and performance based event Creative Watch Area from #SRCZ continues with June 19th gig at Wirral Arts Centre, West Kirby.

Join us for music and performance at Wirral Arts Centre for the third edition of Creative Watch Area. A new monthly event, usually held on the last Friday of each month (this edition excepted) at the beautiful venue of former Unitarian Church turned Arts Venue Wirral Arts Centre, just minutes from West Kirby railway station.
For this edition we have the following guests:

Laura&Claire: This Liverpool music duo perform (in their own words) hot chocolate fueled music that mixes acoustic based rock pop and folk harmonies. Listen to them onSoundcloud!

John Chatterton: This Widnes based artist will amaze your ears with guitar based acoustic and Blues tinged melodies. Check his music out on Soundcloud as well!

Alias John Doe: Well known on the local scene by another name, the mysterious Alias John Doe will seek to please your ears with Blues and more besides... it's sure to be a shindig!

Blackthorn Root:  This well loved local ceilidh band will finish the night with a session sure to get you on feet!


The event will be compered by our friend from fellow local happening Homegrown Bananas, a certain Andrew Gibb, bringing his trademark measured style to this hidden gem local venue.

Tickets cost £5 and are available from Eventbrite via the link below. They can also be purchased on the door.  Enter the code 'thisisacreativewatcharea' to get 20% off the ticket price. (Limited number available)

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