《Album》 Ani Di Franco - Binary

A new album from Ani Di Franco is as welcome and essential as cool water on a hot day.
Certainly, on Binary there is a new urgency and most impotantly connectedness to the world at large than on recent releases. It's almost as if the existense of something called President Trump has stirred the once staunchly radical folk-singer out of a domestic malaise and back into a protest march of the most essential kind.

Certainly, the music of her past few releases has not been as overtly kick ass, for lack of a more appropriate expression, but on Binary we get the pro-choice anthem Play God, the ear worm title track with a cameo from Maceo Parker and much more to stir the activist in almost anybody. It's a pleasure to welcome back activist Ani and it makes the record all the more exciting for that.

There are gems to be found on every Di Franco album but the cohesion of intent, heart, anger, sonics and more besides make this a record that rewards a listen all the way through rather than on a single track basis.

SRCZ Magazine

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