Music Review//Death Grips - The Money Store

Californian experimental Hip-Hop trio Death Grips first caught our attention when they remixed tracks from Bjork's Biophilia. We enjoyed the remixes so much we checked out their latest album, their first on Epic Records and were blown away... see where we got blown to in our review.

Music Review//Death Grips - The Money Store.

Imagine the first time you heard your favorite album of all time and just how you felt as it's music entered your mind. When we came across The Money Store we were moved not to tears but to getting down in the nearest empty space we could. With a mix of hardcore dance, Hip Hop, industrial metal and dance taking seed this is easily one of the best albums of the year thus far. The opening loops of Get Got drag you into a sonic adventure as rare as gold. In the space of one track the band convince you that they probably are the best thing to happen to the Hip-Hop scene in years. 

With an incessant beat and words that are clear yet powerful, even over the pulstating effects that populate The Fever (Aye Aye) and Blackjack, there is a sense of sonic urgency here that grabs not only your ears but your whole body into the Death Grips zone. This is the kind of music that impresses despite it's cacophonous production, never knowingly quiet when it can be throwing sonic shapes that have the energy all good music should ooze like the good taste you know you have deep inside.

One highlight is the utterly bonkers, almost Middle -East influenced Punk Weight that transcends it's world music influenced intro and turns into a bass thumping voice battle that can't fail to make you either close your ears from the noise or agree that this is actually pretty damn cool. And we don't say things like that often! No ifs, buts or maybes this is one album you have to hear! 

Review by Seba Rashii Culture.

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