Music Review//Ali Ingle - The Man and the Monster

E-mail is a funny thing. One moment it's advertising the latest product you never knew existed and never will need and then it's telling you about music that really should be better known. Indeed, that was the case for Liverpool singer-songwriter Ali Ingle's E.P The Man and the Monster... 

Music Review//Ali Ingle - The Man and the Monster.

Apparently Ali Ingle is 22 although his work certainly doesn't indicate that. But then again age is something that transcends music usually and that is the case here. His voice and words certainly don't sound like that of someone so young and that is only a good thing. With true talent like that on show it's time more ears heard these quite remarkable songs.

It's simple sketch adorned cover of man casting his shadow as a monster lingers in the paper sky above him somehow sums up the parts of this album. The man is Inge himself, singing words that are truly (and perhaps unusually in these days of production line music) literate, throwing aside any preconceptions we may have. The music is subtle, lingering almost in the background like a melodic ghost on occasion and when it comes to the fore such the intro of Baby Don't Go it impresses duly. 

The highlight though is Ingles collaboration with Seba Rashii Culture favorite Kathryn Williams Came To The Morning where their sandpaper and glass voices  mix together beautifully. Check out this E.P. - it may just change your life!   

Words by Seba Rashii Culture.

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