Music Review//Katie Herzig- The Waking Sleep

Like a psiren in the waves this album lures you into it's world and rather than unleashing untold horrors it impresses with a rare subtlety.

Music Review//Katie Herzig - The Waking Sleep
With the energetic loops of opener Free My Mind it's an excellent start as the twinkling sonic vibes behind Herzig create a universe one could really get into to. The Orbit-esque synths and chorus are a perfect opener and when the dream like vocals of Make A Noise kick in you can almost envisage the psychedelic landscape that should surely accompany the  song.

Other highlights of the album include the gradual build up of Wasting Time, on which acoustic guitar takes the main rather then the ambient electronica of previous tracks. It's closing minutes are the most effective as the strings kick in and the music settles back down to it's contemplative tone. The Kate Bush like Midnight Serenade also treats the ears well as the harmonic vocals create a dream like feel and the lyrics evoke you to "think of what you have beside you". When the mid section brings together the various instruments it's a triumphant moment that makes the song.

The albums title track takes the ambient folk feel of the album to it's peak and it's a burning but subtle highlight that shows just why this album is worth the listen. With a subtle but bewitching production it's an ambient folk inspired collection of odes to life that will make any evening the better for listening to it.

Reviewed by Seba Rashii Culture.

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