Eyes On The Box//Doctor Who - The Power of Three

So with only one episode to go until the Pond's bid farewell to the Doctor we tuned into The Power of Three on a quiet Saturday night to find out just what happens when boxes fall from the sky... (Spoilers, sweetie!)

We all know that the inevitable must come and it was signposted in The Power of Three. The Ponds tossing up the path forward was an interesting scene, one we rarely see in Doctor Who as was the simple plot device of the slow invasion. And generally, this was an episode of small thrills rather than a plot concise exercise in writing. 

But that's not to say it wasn't enjoyable by any means. As the first episode for a long while set on Earth with a direct threat against the human race it was a refreshing one. The return of UNIT under a well-related leader was also a welcome one, with Torchwood somewhat out of the picture following the events of the much maligned Miracle Day. Even the relatively thin plot behind the mysterious black boxes was entertaining and provided some (literal) behind the sofa moments. 

Character wise it was stronger story though with the growing disinterest of the Ponds in travelling with the Doctor in comparison to their new life voiced effectively in a two- hander between Amy and the Doctor. It was a rare tender moment that made the known fact of the Ponds departure in The Angels Take Manhattan even more agonizing a wait. Of course, we're being deliberately vague here so as not to say too much about this really very watchable episode but trust us, it's all worth it.

The most indicative moment of what will happen next week is when Brian (Rory's father) asks the Doctor what happened to the others who traveled with him. We can take much from his response of 'never them' and will learn the true fate next when the Angels take Manhattan...

Get ready folks, things are about to change.

Reviewed by Seba Rashii Culture. 

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