MV//The Soft Pack Vs Mr Bob Odenkirk

Conservative music critics are not something we'd know much about here at S.R.C. but when The Soft Pack, whose album Strapped we recently reviewed meet a certain Mr Bob Odenkirk magic happens. Parodying the famous interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono by Al Capp, the band are put through their their paces hilariously. Following this video will be an MV for single Bobby Brown also directed by Odenkirk. 

From our review of Strapped:

"It's the melodies that carry the album along and the band clearly know how to make them work. From the first chords of surf pop flavored opener Saratoga, sailing along on a psychedelia infused guitar wave and echoed vocal, it's a journey that flies by with enjoyment. Also stroking the ear like with silkiest of touch is They Say an addictive slice of psychedelic rock that works as quick as the best medicine. If the thought of sunshine wasn't there in your minds eye at the beginning it's certainly there at the end!"

Read the review here.

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