Eyes On The Box//Red Dwarf X - Trojan

There aren't many comedies with a fan base as big as Red Dwarf and this return to the screen for the series tenth series is thus no surprise. With the original cast assembled and the old ship back for the first time in a few series Seba Rashii Culture watches the first episode of the run, Trojan...

A decade is a long time. 

Especially when you add three years on top of it. When Rimmer kicked the Grim Reaper in the balls at the end of the eighth season way back in 1999 who knew it would take this long to be no closer to an answer to it's death defying conclusion? 

Tonight's return from the Dwarfer's was definitely good television. Like the best Dwarf it was at times clunky and often very silly and on that basis it was a success. With the stripped down formula of earlier years put to use it was a vast improvement on previous series and the jokes were perfectly timed and executed as should be. The sitcom element then is back to the fore and with Rimmer feeling bitter and Lister and Cat getting drawn into infomercials it was down to Kryten to bring those laugh inducing facial expressions out once more for the road. 

Swedish traffic regulations, moose and automatic tea stirrers were important tonight and with such disparate elements pulled together perfectly in a sharply observed script it was a pleasure to welcome back one of the best sitcoms of my youth. 

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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