Music Review//Ikil Oriion - Paranoise Void

Listening to music is best done without attaching labels to it. Many an artist attests to being of their own genre but in the case of Ikil Oriion, his genre is the wordy and somewhat gorgeous sounding Raw Noir Nouveau Punk. Legend has it that Ikil Oriion is the iconic, unique rock artist we've all been looking for and on the basis of Paranoise Void they're not wrong...

The crunching chords imbued with honking organ effects that open the album are indicative of a Punk but there's no screaming over static here. The generous production ensures that there's a raw coolness about the music and it makes for a listening experience that sets your brain buzzing with excitement. 

One of the highlights of the album is the funky Zombie Walk, it's chorus extolling the virtues of doing 'the zombie walk'. It's mix of funk, reggae and semi-rap styled vocals is even on first listen an enlightening listen. No second listen necessary here to prove that is as unique a song as you'll hear in this last quarter of the year. It's followed up by the dark punk rock mood swing of Over You and it's underlying tension imbues the track with the sexual menace and musical virtuosity of early Prince and the atmosphere of the best metal. 

The thrills continue on the power house metal of Revolution, it's Gil Scott Heron referencing assertion that 'the revolution will be televised as a sequel' a highlight among highlights. This followed by the Skapunk stomper Got Me Crazy and the rock manager bashing You Talk Too Much, with the brilliant line 'You claim you are our manager- well go book a tour!' and thus far it's an album that flies along at an impressive breakneck speed, not a filler track in sight. 

The album is but ten tracks long and we close with the killer trio of Babylon Fall, She Roxxx and the psychedelic rock infused Ms Fortune Teller, closing the album with an ode to seducing a fortune teller, almost Prince like in it's intellectually sexual vocals and mind blowing like the Purple One's work rarely is these days. And with that it's time to listen once more to an album that as imaginative as it is mind blowing! Indeed, this album is definite hands in the air welcome to the new Prince of Punk and with the talents of Sylvia Massey and Rich Veltrop mixing the album and Erick Labson on mastering duties it's no wonder this album sounds so amazing. People, the new Prince of Punk has arrived!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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