Music Review//Martha Wainwright - Come Home to Mama

The third release from Martha Wainwright is one to savor. Emphasizing the feminine qualities of the album the album features a nude Wainwright enveloped in rainbows of color looking directly at the listener with an expression of intent. But effective cover design aside, it's the music we're here for.

The intention of this album was to produce a more feminine sound than Wainwright's previous albums and to aid that noted performer Yuka Honda is on production duties. And most certainly this is an album that is very listenable as well as being notably playful on occasion. With a producer like Honda this was never going to be a straight production and there are various faces on show here. From the balladic beauty of Proserpina , it's choir of voice adding serious beauty to the sparse piano backing, to the electronica tinged Four Black Sheep it's a listen that doesn't just entertain - it takes you on a journey.

From the driving guitar that lends a sense of grand movement to Radio Star to Proserpina's call to 'come home to mama' this is a diverse mix of songs that takes a few listens to get your head around but once the journey has been started you've got to finish it and Wainwright makes a fine companion on the way. With lyrics that impress in their languid phrasings and the short run time of the album creating the unstoppable need to listen all over again it's an excellent companion to an afternoon with yourself, the music never less than interesting. 

Highlights include the straight ahead conversational flow of Can You Believe It, the electro ambiance of the beautiful Four Black Sheep and Radio Star's drive inspired sound. Of particular note is Yuka Honda's excellent production, that is just the right side of unique with the small touches bringing out the quirks and oft personal nature of the lyrics  perfectly. Fans of her previous releases will be on firm ground here and new comers are promised an aural treat.

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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