Music Review//Shout Timber - East India Trading Company

Shout Timber recently announced a new single. Due 29th October 2012 on download, the song blends Indian rhythms and original melodies to create a unique single. 

Entitled East India Trading Company it opens with an Indian styled drum rhythm and soon grows to include a familiar song structure that takes the listener on a journey from their own space to a the titular East India. If you enjoy the fusion of cultures and good music then this short but sweet taste of the bands roots is a must listen. 

It's cover art depicts transport in India and the song it self joins their already excellent collection. Check out the bands Sound Cloud page for more excellence!

It evokes sunny days beneath mango trees in it's sensitively arranged instrumentation and beneath the indie exterior of the band there is a truly original fusion of idea at play that promises to bear truly excellent fruit in years to come. 

Previewed by Seba Rashii Culture. 

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