Music Video//Archive - Hatchet

Archive, whose latest album we rapturously reviewed recently, have unveiled the video for one our favorite tracks from the release. Hatchet is a dark, sinister song in keeping with the bands dark themes and the video is no less so. 

Read our review of the parent album With Us Until You Die below:
"The grimly voiced words that open this album, accompanied only by an orchestral murmur soon give way to a drum and bass amplified soundtrack with a haunting quality. The dramatic tendencies of opener Dried Out are on first listen somewhat incongruous and by the end it’s gained a joyous quality to match the etched sounds the band creates. The industrial dance riffs mix with Kraut Rock inspired melodies on Interlace and create a memorable piece of atmospheric noise in the best sense. Rather than throw it all in at once it’s as if each piece has been carefully considered before going into the mix and it shows in the measured quality of the music." (More here)

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