Download//The Traps - Moving Pictures

The Traps, excellent band in their own right and label owners at B-Town announced today an offering that will surely tempt the eager music fan. Said offering is a free download of their song Moving Pictures.

With a driving melody that sticks to the inner ear with an effortless swing this is a song surely designed for greatness. Coming in at a relatively long run time for a single (in these haste driven days, anyway) it's intro catches you unawares and pulls you by the ear down it's road. 

It's easy to imagine this getting a crowd at a gig moving easily, it's bass line and chorus the key factors in hooking the listener in with their pure sounds. Those who want to partake in such excellence can do by so clicking like on Facebook, tweeting like a digital bird or sending a plain old e-mail. You can also check out the video below...

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