Music Review//Novella::Mary's Gun

Recently released on Italian Beach Babes Records, Novella's distortion perfect single Mary's Gun is out now. Not being the type of people to let the moment pass, Seba Rashii Culture: Online Culture Zine had a listen...

The strips of distortion that accompany shots of seagulls flying about their business over windswept tide in the video open up the song in the same epic manner that  a windswept coastline greets you. When the songs propulsive psych gets into full gear it's the moment that you're swept into it's undeniable charm.

The most addictive part of the song is perhaps the fluid yet perfectly discordant guitarwork that characterizes the song's visual landscape with a discordant charm and melody that is as fresh as it is addictive. The refrain of "hold me in your tiny hands" is a perfect counterpoint to the visual metaphor of the title and it makes fine listening as well! 

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan.

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