Music Review//The Limbo Kids::Wanderlust EP

The first thing that strikes you about this E.P. is not just the music but the way the bands appellation applies so brilliantly to the way the music ebbs and flows...

The Limbo Kids latest E.P. Wanderlust is one that impresses on subtle levels. It doesn't jump at you like a ferocious monster it works into it's sonic zone like a master thief. The beats and sleazy guitar of opener Heartbeats are reminiscent in the best way of some cooler than cool underground bar covered in velvet and purple decor and the cool intensity of the slow burning production creeps over you with a great ease. 

The title track is a different affair with shoe gaze vibes enveloping the almost ethereal vocals. The addition of cello is highly effective and changes the nature of the song completely and beautifully. It's another slow burner that impresses on each listen and when the final, synth fuelled, almost metropolitan feel of closer Desire you feel like you've been to a place far removed from the one you're most likely listening to it in. With shades of the 80's atmospheric synth and production that masks any trace of the time it was made the Wanderlust E.P. is a very pleasant oasis of sophisticated calm to find yourself on.

Review by Sebastian Gahan. 

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