Album Review//Bos Angeles::Taking Out The Trash

It's been a busy year in music and that means there's always a review ready to be written. As we close out the year here's one of Bos Angeles' album Taking Out The Trash...

There are 21 tracks on Taking Out The Trash and the vast majority of them are just over two minutes long in the best tradition of punk. But although this album opens with a rhythm that you could easily move to it's not as simple a prospect as that. There's a deeper level of sophistication than pure punk and the melodies found on this album are as modern as you'll get. But despite the perhaps over cramming of tracks this is an album well worth spending a moment of your time with.

There's some melodic excellence on the less than compromising It Felt Like a Kiss, with it's crunching chords artfully burying the vocals.  Terror Tides has an Industrial bite as well, with it's opening chords ranking as one of the albums best moments. In fact when each song is barely three minutes long there's a certain snappiness to the listening experience that ensures you never reach for the forward switch. 

There are quieter moments as well, with Bare Bones stripping the sound down vastly in particular to great effect. Tearing Your Heart Out One String at a Time is another such moment when the rhythms slow down and let the rough edged production and sonic reverb work their full effect. All in all an enjoyable listen!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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