E.P's: Seba Rashii Culture Essential 20::12

When the year began there was many a sad face to be seen as you went along the street. As it's gone on people seem to have become a little bit happier and we'd like to think it's through the magical power of music. It'd be a shame not to mention some of the excellent E.P's that have passed our ears this past year so as a prelude to Essential Album's of 2012 we present for your pleasure our favorite E.P's of 2012.

Apples and Eve::Dionysus E.P. 

With a gypsy folk sound and the atmosphere of visiting a particularly spirited carnival this E.P. from the Brighton based band is a delight. It's undoubted highlight is the violin inflected title track, as unintentionally seasonal as you could get without using the C word and a warming listen to boot. (What did we say?)

Listen: Dionysus

Science of the Lamps::Science of the Lamps E.P.

Liverpool based Science of the Lamps released their first self titled E.P with a sumptuous launch and the music itself is similar. String inflected alt-folk melodies bring stories to life with a beautiful ease and it's hard not be bewitched by this excellent E.P. (What did we say?)

Listen: Duckling Hell 


With an atmospheric edge and it's concept of music for a possible horror movie it's arrival just after Halloween was fun. Menacing synths mix with found sound FX and the result is an E.P. perfect for any cold evening on your own. (What did we say?)

Listen: Oracle 

The Big House::Canyon Home in the Sun

The long awaited debut single from Paul Molloy and Candie Payne a.k.a The Big House is a summery breath of fresh air and it's perfectly limited print run made it a hot item.  The much loved live favorite Canyon Home in the Sun is expanded into a sun drenched three minute favorite imbued with a horn section. (Kind of a single, but we love it!)   (What did we say?)

Listen: Canyon Home in the Sun

The Limbo Kids::Wanderlust E.P.

With an impressive bass inflected sound and midnight daze quality to this E.P. it was winner here. Effortlessly cool with a smooth yet subtle production that doesn't lose the warmth of the songs Limbo Kids Wanderlust E.P. is a joy to listen to. (What did we say?)
Listen: Heartshots

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