Music Review// Rams' Pocket Radio - Trajectories

As technology develops and music gets ever more digitized it's even more of a pleasure to see nice packaging to complement the no doubt excellent music inside. This release from Rams' Pocket Radio is just an example as they package three E.P's inside a mini pocket radio style package for our enjoyment.

There is much to enjoy between the covers of the three distinct records. Highlights include the orchestral tinged Dieter Rams Has Got the Pocket Radios, and it's a powerful production that leads you on a journey that can easily be made on countless occasions. Friendship Fails You, from the same E.P. is another lushly scored piece that could easily be heard on prime time radio and impresses duly. 

Another high point is the drilled piano riffs of 1+2, taking the lush orchestration to new levels and pushing the emotions higher and the solo's into different places. The synth imbued companion track Body and the Sea also makes a good chorus you could easily hear in many more places such is the quality. On the Dogs Run in Packs E.P the sound takes a softer approach, although it is no less dramatic than it's companion records. 

The stabs of piano on the title track pull the listener in easily and it's a moment to sit back and take in at leisure. From the same E.P, The Sickness, The Taste has dark undertones that add to the listening experience and with the production subtler here you get a chance to experience two sides of the band. But there's never the less twelve tracks here to enjoy and spreading them over three E.P's provides a nice dividing line between the styles and lets the listener enjoy all the aspects of the music solo genius Peter McCauley produces.

Review by Sebastian Gahan.

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