Music Review//Mashemon::Various Propositions

We were promised two E.P's from Mashemon this year and as the year is turning down in temperature and up in numbers the second of them drops. It's called Various Propositions and we listened to it over an ironic mulled wine...

The first impression I got from Various propositions was one of it being just a tad more restrained than their previous release. The warm synth melodies and perfectly pitched vocals remain but the rhythms are slower and the guitars remain in the back ground more than on previous outings. But that doesn't mean to say this is Mashemom being quiet, shooed into a corner by some aurally challenged lecturer. On the contrary, it's nice to hear a different side of the band.

The title track opens up proceedings and it's a melodic treat, the plinks and plonks (That's a technical term, people!) making an entertaining listen and transforming a lyrically downbeat proposition into an almost seasonal listen. The driving guitar returns for Name on the Order and it's lyrical astuteness impresses. This continues on Another Mans Dirt, with more dark clouds on the lyrical horizon and a tight backing that benefits from the live drums. 

But our favorite moments are the concluding duo of tracks. Curtains has the underlying menace of their debut and sonic flourishes that really strike a chord. The synth chords and drums breakdown in particular had us nodding our head in appreciation. The crunching guitars return and seriously impress. The production of a Mashemon song has always been notable and on this and closer Jaw it's at the haunting yet comforting best. The closing thirty seconds impressing particularly.

But one question remains. What is that man with the dog doing on the sleeve? One thing is for sure, it can't be good...

Words by Sebastian Gahan. 

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