Off The Cuff//The End of the Year Message.

To dilute the year gone by into a list is a common journalistic practice. The big, important numbers always come with lists and, to be honest, I've never been sure why. The journalistic devise of 'Top Events of the Year', 'Highlights of the Year'or similar such monikers is natural one that serves a purpose. Human beings in general like to have a cut off point, a metaphorical line to draw in the sand to signify the next leg of the journey.

In creating our content for the end of the year I've tried to bring an element of the new to it as much as possible. 'The End' is not merely a metaphorical full stop in the punctuation of your life. It's not necessarily a new paragraph. It's a continuation of a journey that will have many twists and turns in it and new chapters aplenty. In terms of this online magazine, we've seen a progression in the direction we want to go in. With a new motto of 'The Culture is Out There' we've found a new window into the world of creativity and in the next year we intend to broaden out our coverage considerably. Sure, there's numbers and we have to look at the numbers occasionally but we also need to look at the facts.

Culture is everywhere and with a great tool like the internet and words that can describe we can create something great. We'll be introducing some enhancements and new pairs of eyes to our world and we're looking forward to it already. So check out our E.P's of the Year, Crucial 20 Albums of the Year and TV of the Year and remember that there is more than a grain of truth to the Grumpy Cat pictured here. (Even though we really do love this image from Meme Generator!) 

Following a short break we'll back in the New Year. Look out for some choice Archive pieces over the next few days and we'll be see you with the freshest music and culture we can find very soon! 

Have a Very Good New Year,

Sebastian Gahan,
Editor/Creative Director. 

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