On The Scene//Thom Morecroft E.P. Launch

It's been a good month for gigs in the city of Liverpool and rumours that the scene is not what it used to be have been proven well and truly false! On a recent Saturday night I was faced with the prospect of a few simultaneous gigs of note to attend but I plumped that evening for the E.P. Launch of Thom Morecroft at View 2 Gallery. Needless to say, it was an evening to enjoy.

Saturday night on Mathew Street is notoriously an adventure fraught with danger. On the occasion I found myself venturing towards the venue of Thom Morecroft's E.P. Launch I was faced with gangs of Santa lookalikes, dancing people and more but that was just the start of the fun. Upon my entry to View 2 Gallery I was presented with amiable mix of art and music that was more than enough to make up for my adventure through the streets.

First to the mic was the sizable talent that is Robert Vincent (pictured). With his Americana influenced sound and voice to match it was only natural that he'd have a double bass to accompany him and it was a performance that suitably impressed. Among the highlights include a performances of the upcoming single Life in Easy Steps, The Passage and closer Demons, which particularly impressed. 

Following a short break we were treated to Dominic Dunn, a particularly talented 15 year old singer songwriter with an excellent range of self penned songs that did not indicate a performer of such a young age. With a confident guitar style and bold vocals to match, especially on opener You're Not Mine and Take Me Down to the River it was a genuine pleasure to see talent such as this in the early stages. 

The infamous Silent Cities came next and it was the usual quirky set of funny voices, swirly guitar effects and the occasional conventional song. The man himself summed it all up when he uttered the immortal words, naturally in a funny voice, of "That was mightily pretentious!" after a rapturously weird tonal guitar riff. Needless to say it was a memorable set of art rock like bodies of sound that you couldn't resist even if you tried.

But the headline of the evening was the man who had greeted me on the stairs with a rather large smile. That is, Thom Morecroft. Beginning the set with a lot of talking, his fellow performers laughingly urging him to get with the set, it was a very relaxed experience. The notes in my diary said 'chatty, melodic, thankful' and that is really the best way to describe this last set. The songs from the Moon Moon Shake It E.P were all a joy to listen to, especially The French Girl and the title track and it closed an evening of excellent music perfectly. 

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. Images by Scattershot. (c) 2012

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