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There is some music that jumps out at you from the speakers and instantly overwhelms you to the point of wanting to crawl under the nearest solid object for protection. But in the case the debut E.P. from Liverpool band All We Are it almost creeps up behind you, bewitching you with it's lo-fi qualities and multi layered harmonies.

Said harmonies open up the EP on I Fantasise, a mellow yet propulsive melancholic ode to loneliness that revels in it's multi-layered production yet hits it's best when the guitar and voice stand side by side in the mix. Second track Tunnels follows in this same bewitching mix of harmonies and understated backing but is different enough to make you wish this was a whole album rather than an EP.

The highlight though has to be the third track Come Back Safe, opening with a voice and guitar strum that becomes a country-esque chorus wishing a certain unknown someone to 'come back safe' whatever they do. A song like this could easily become over wrought but the band make sure it never goes over the edge. The almost painful longing of the chorus comes through via the instrumentation chiefly, no mean feat on any song and the understated vocals are perfect. 

Sooner or Later ends the E.P. and the excellence is still there. Taken as a whole All We Are's debut E.P. is astonishingly unlike an E.P. from a band formed just under a year ago and may we hope that they continue to do so.

All We Are will be performing at Liverpool's Threshold Festival at the Baltic Triangle. Make sure you check them out live and get  hold of this excellent EP!

Review by Seba. 

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