Music Review//Sauna Youth::False Jesii Pt II

When Sauna Youth released their debut album last year many heads turned in appreciation. We're pretty sure that the same thing will happen for this single release as well...

Despite the somewhat odd song title False Jesii Pt II is akin to going to a candy shop and falling into a fountain of chocolate delight. A strange analogy perhaps but let us explain. This duo of songs is a somewhat different prospect from their album and it's all for the better. These female fronted songs are a temporary rebirth as a retro indie rock band and it's a listen that you have to take time and time over.

The main track is the anthemic False Jesii Pt II and it's muscular rhythms counterpoint the sweet female vocals perfectly. But this is no half-hearted effort to out do Blondie, it's an accomplished slice of musical cake that flies by on a wave of melodic harmonies and vocals that can't fail to prick your ears. it's partner is Oh Joel, a similarly spiky song that takes the rhythm down a bit and lets the vocals be heard but not at the expense of the driving punk melody, which paves a pleasing path of three minute indie pop listening. 

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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