Out Now//Braincandy - Tape 2013

Furthering our out of territory wanderings we stumbled across this new release from New York hardcore outfit Braincandy. But is it serious ear candy or something else? 

Simplicity is key, someone once said and in many ways that still stands. As we evolve into an ever digitized world we find things seemingly getting ever simpler. But now that the world is literally at our fingertips is there anything left that can't be made, designed or found digitally? Arguably, although the digital evolution has changed it immensely  music is still one of those things. Certain genres can benefit from that but hardcore is not one of them we say. There is nothing more primal than the sound of full on, ear assaulting hardcore and on listening to Braincandy's Tape 2013 it's hard not to agree.

With the utmost force and minimalism the whole album clocks in at just under fifteen minutes and that's a good thing. If you're into lilting jazz melodies and vocals from heaven then this is probably not for you for a few reasons. The melodies are there, in the from of an incessant, primal thrash that could almost send the unprepared insane and the vocals are malevolent screams, the lyrical content of which is often indecipherable and and only when we get to the final (and longest by a good distance) entry Our War Again does the mix get easier on the ears. Less of a cocktail experience then but definitely notable for keeping the hardcore ideals of bare boned and rough to the fore. 

You can check out the album via Bandcamp

Review by Sebastian Gahan. 

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