Album Review//Franka De Mille - Bridge The Roads

Sometimes when we receive an artists music we want to keep it in our own dark corner and keep it a secret. Rest assured that is for purely good reasons for when you hear the beauty of Franka De Mille's music you will understand just why we wanted spend a little more time with it before we released it onto the 'Zine...

With a voice that could make rain think twice about falling and a line in subtle acoustics that make the music out even more Franka De Mille certainly knows how to get the listener on board. There are various moments during the course of the album that impress but the most potent is the opening one. The acoustic guitar and voice combination are simple yet catch your attention immediately. Said song, Come On, is blessed with a honey like ease that you can't fail to like and you can't help but agree with the sentiment expressed that "reality's not worth a bean"  - and when there's music like this you want to push reality out the front door ans settle right in!

The Paris in the summertime like Fallen follows next and it's string section brings a melodic brilliance to the proceedings that shines. This is continued on Gare Du Nord, with it's lamplight confessional and accordion soaked chorus leaving the listener in much the same state as the singer as describes how the leaving of her loved one makes her heart fall. Music in this vein is often stereotyped as being one of a kind but anybody with that idea would change their minds upon hearing Gare Du Nord, and it's unplugged version included as a bonus track.

Indeed, just as you think that the music couldn't get better the chamber music chanteuse brings it up another level.  The songs that follow are never less than beautiful. Like exquisite shadows on a wall that tell the story of a you-and-me, the fine production and arrangements of songs such as the taut So Long or Oh My's soul warming piano tones as impressive as the sheer joy the album brings.

There are shades of Fiona Apple, Kathryn Williams and Ani diFranco here but be assured that music like this is truly rare - affecting and truly unforgettable. You'll want to share it but you'll feel the tinge as you do so of another exquisite secret flitting out into the world to roam on people's tongues. Deservedly so, we say.  

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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