David Bowie releases The Stars (Are Out Tonight) Video

"We have a nice life..." 

Following the fly by night release Where Are We Now? in January the ever mysterious David Bowie follows it up with The Stars (Are Out Tonight). The video features Bowie and Tilda Swinton as a married couple and is directed by previous collaborator Floria Sigismundi. 

The video opens with ominous reverb as we see Tilda Swinton peering from the window of their residence at the new neighbors who turn out to be stalkers of a kind. The song itself is an angular slice of Bowie rock, with orchestration adding a sinister feel to the songs guitar and reliably strong vocals. 

It's a step up in sound from the deliberately understated Where Are We Now? and surely Bowie fans across the world are now awaiting the release of The Next Day on 11th March more than ever. Check out the video for Floria Sigismundi's previous collaboration with Bowie, the still fascinating video for Dead Man Walking, below:

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